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Pet Safe (USA)

Setting the scene

Even for one of the best-known manufacturers of pet supplies, selling online can be a difficult proposition. PetSafe wanted their website to be more than just a storefront -- their innovative products for pet training and management needed to fit into the profound relationships that people form with their companion animals.

PetSafe also had a deeper problem that many online merchants face: in a business with margins under pressure, integrating with inventory and commerce systems *behind* the website can be a much larger challenge than just an online catalogue. Failing to integrate these systems can mean wasted work, expensive errors and poor customer service. They needed a technology partner who could address their marketing and integration issues.

What we did

Fortunately, this kind of deep integration is right up our street. We began with workshops and research to identify and describe the audiences of PetSafe -- what sort of information did pet owners need? Would an email newsletter of training tips and videos on YouTube help them develop their own pet relationships? At the same time, our tech team swung into action, getting into the details of the Oracle ECommerce tools used by the manufacturer, and customising a new installation of the Kentico Content Management System, making sure that full support, accessories and technical specifications for sometimes-complicated products were always a click away.

The Result

Our wireframes and visual designs reflected the emotional connections of pet ownership, and our email newsletter and social bookmarks encouraged longer-term customer relationships. And of course, the project was on time and on budget. Woof!

Our responsibilities

User Experience, Wireframing, Visual Design, Web Development, Kentico CMS Implementation, Oracle eCommerce integration, Deployment.



Pet Safe (USA)

Giving a Hand to Man's Best Friend