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Titanic Stories

Setting the scene

Belfast is proud of its shipyards and of their most famous creation, the RMS Titanic. Tourism Ireland aimed to capitalise on the huge interest in Titanic and the 100th year anniversary of its ill fated sinking in 2012. Their overarching objective was to make www.the-titanic.com the most popular online Titanic destination site worldwide, to stimulate and educate the online user and ultimately to bring them to Ireland’s shores.

What we did

Our strategy focused on delivering a very user focused and interactive experience, making clever use of current social media and rating capabilities. Users are encouraged to give honest feedback and to get involved in the growing online Titanic community. A range of educational and informative videos are served from the site and recent work has seen full integration into Northern Ireland Tourist Board’s accommodation and attraction web services. Visitors can now learn about the HMS Titanic and also plan their trip and book their accommodation online.

Working in partnership with Tourism Ireland, rather than simply as a supplier, has ensured that the official Titanic website has become the ultimate one-stop resource for everything Titanic, with significant potential for further development and enhancements for visitors. The interactive website was implemented on the Kentico CMS, which supports easy content editing, message boards/comments and many other interactive and community focused features. We also provide enterprise level hosting, full 24/7, 365 support and ongoing maintenance, plus marketing of the website.

The Result

The site has been a success: not only are visitors engaging with the video and rich site content, but site traffic between November 2010 and March 2011 has increased by 785%.

Our responsibilities

User Experience Analysis, Information Architecture, Usability Engineering, Visual Design, Social Marketing, Templates, Web Development, Kentico CMS Implementation, Custom Build, Web Service Integration, Hosting & Facilities Management, SEO.




Tourism Ireland

Telling the gripping story of RMS Titanic, pride of the Belfast shipyards